A Giant Leap

into the future

The First Charity DeFi-Based Project To Build Out An Inclusive System and Reward Holders With BUSD!!!

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DeFi Is Moving At A BreakNeck Speed “And” Disrupting Conventional Ways Of Financing. The Question Is; Can You Keep Up? We Bet You Would Struggle. Join The Movement With Quantum Leap, And Operate At “the speed of De-Fi” By utilizing our 5 GroundBreaking DeFi Features.

Charity Is Our Culture

We are a community supporting the communities around us. 1.5% charge on all transactions goes to the charity purse to fund charity exercises.

Community-Owned Project

Quantum Leap takes on the fair token distribution model to give everyone an equal right. Each community member dictates and drives the development of the project.

Reflect/Stable Yield Generation

Hold and earn passively without undergoing any stressful farming process. 5% of all transactions are converted to BUSD and sent automatically to all QUANTUM holders.

Automatic Liquidity Addition And Increase

2% of every transaction goes to automatically add more liquidity, as a result increasing the tradability and credibility of the token

Buyback / Deflationary Token - Let Just Burn

3% of all transactions form the buyback power, the resulting tokens are burned strategically to continually deplete the supply of the token. Decreasing token supply equates to positive token valuation.


There is no perfect tool to quench the roar of hunger and needs than these community-backed decentralized digital monies, as their use-cases and possession are unchallengeable and dictated by the people.

Quantum Charity

Ours is a crypto community making our real-world communities safe through active charity programs.

Quantum DEX

Trade without the stress of sign-ups or making a deposit with easy and advanced decentralized trading directly from your choice of crypto wallets.

Quantum Gaming

Get swift access to Blockchain games where you can have fun and get rewarded.

Quantum NFT Auction Platform

Your No. 1 go-to marketplace to buy, sell and discover exclusive top-notch digital assets.

Quantum DAO

Participate in governance and vote for change in the ecosystem just by holding QUANTUM

Quantum Leap Accelerator

Raising Capital for Memecoins, Charity coins and Micro-caps projects just got easier!.


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  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Phase 5


Quantum Leap is built on a strong tokenomics model that charges a 13% fee on all QUANTUM transactions. 

5% of all transactions are converted to BUSD and sent automatically to all holders proportional to the amount of QUANTUM they hold. 

2% of all transactions are collected into a wallet and used for charity and marketing purposes of which an equal percentage goes to charity and development respectively. 

2% of all transactions are locked away in the QUANTUM liquidity pool permanently, to create steadily rising price floor for QUANTUM.

3% of all transactions form the buyback power and are used to buy back QUANTUM directly from the market and are permanently burned. 

Perhaps you’re inquisitive and you need answers about certain things as regards the Quantum Leap project, this section is made specifically for you!

Everyone seems to be talking about BSC these days and you may wonder what it is all about. Well, BSC is simply an independent blockchain which operates side by side with the Binance Chain. The ability to have smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) makes BSC uniquely different from Binance Chain even though they both have a strong resemblance in the way they are designed.

With this, users can maximally enjoy the features of both chains and easily manage their digital assets cross-chain with minimal latency and at huge capacities. It also provides developers with an easy means to port DApp projects over from Ethereum.

Be sure to use the following simple steps as given in this guide, and reserve yourself a special seat on our ship as we blast off to the moon and beyond! 

At this very moment the team is ANON. The project is however community backed and the team comprises geeky tech and crypto enthusiasts from various fields which include; Software programmers, classy marketers and promoters, graphics designers, experienced mods etc. We all are passionate about Quantum Leap’s Success and motivated towards making the Cryptoverse a better place for everyone. We are taking the giant leap together! 

Of course! Liquidity will be burned upon launch with transparency to renounce every iota of ownership by any one person. The burn transaction will be clearly displayed here for everyone to see and you can find the ownership renouncement txn on our official channels

As a project that is just starting out on an awesome exploration into the Cryptoverse, the presence of whales is necessary at this early stage to help provide the much-needed traction on our path to the moon! But worry not, as no whale will be able to hold more than a fair percentage and all community members have clearly signed up to work with the project for the long term, and will only sell their tokens cautiously in a gradual process, having the community and the success of the project at heart.

We will be engaging the service of a top crypto auditing firm to audit our contract and certify Quantum Leap as un-ruggable with burnt liquidity and renounced ownership.

A fair stealth-launch with a set maximum transaction limit allows everyone equal chances to invest, and this is exactly the strategy Quantum Leap will be implementing prior to launch. Everyone is dedicated to this goal and we all are here to enjoy the rocket ride to the moon and further into the galaxy!

Yeah, most definitely! The limit for $Quantum will be announced at launch.


Information gotten from our website is in no way meant to serve as financial advice. DeFi products on blockchain are clearly termed “high-risk/high reward” investments and Quantum Leap is not exempted. Be sure to never invest more than you are willing to lose. We urge everyone to always ‘DYOR’ as no individual voluntary contributors to the project will be held responsible or accountable for all present or future risks involved with your investment into any of  Quantum Leap’s products and features.